NEW: Framed Prints of All Photos Available!

I've been excited to roll out the new framing options for all photos in my shop, and my resolve was strengthened while catching up with a friend recently, who told me that he regretted not purchasing a show poster at a film festival. "If it had come framed, would you have?" Without hesitation he answered: "Yes!"

Even though I'm the crafty type for whom framing art is a simple task, it's still one that I have a hard time getting around to. Like most, I am guilty of buying prints, collecting maps, and otherwise amassing a lovely collection of wall art that, despite my best intentions, ends up stored away in my flat file instead of rightfully framed and proudly hung on my walls! I understand we all have busy days, and that the process – and cost!! – of framing artwork can be a bother, so, I am happy to announce...

ALL PHOTOS in my shop now come with the option to arrive to you framed and ready to hang as soon as you unpack them :) I've worked to keep the framed prints affordable: archival, museum-quality prints of any 5x7" photograph can be ordered in a solid wood 8x10" frame. This size makes a solid impact, and the 1.5" depth of the frames gives the art a substantial feeling and adds an interesting dimension to your walls.

(above: Botanical Print "Around the Fire" in black option; Anatomical Print "Sculptor's Sketchbook" in blonde. See slideshow below for more print & frame combination examples)

Frames are available in a natural blonde wood, or in a deep black – both are finished wood and have a subtle semi-gloss sheen. They are faced with a sturdy styrene window, which is lightweight for easier hanging, and stands up to shipping, handling, and the occasional accidental jostle without shattering!

Each Anatomical and Botanical Print Listing has been updated to include this option in the "Sizes" drop down for easy ordering. I hope that this will make adding a piece of art to your space (or curating your own collection) a fun and simple experience.

Please feel free to message me with any questions – glad to help! Happy Collecting!

Photographs featured in this blog:

Botanical Print "Velvet Robes" in Royal Purple

Botanical Print "Around the Fire" in Magenta Pink

Anatomical Print "Favorite Child" in Black and White

Anatomical Print "Sculptor's Sketchbook" in Black and White

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