Happy Halloween! And, What on Earth?!

When I asked my mummy if I could be Lily Munster for Halloween when I was 8 years old, it was a good sign I'd grow up Goth. :) Also, that I refer to my mother as "Mummy" . . . Rather than living in a bat cave, however, my house resembles a natural-history-museum-slash-grandparents'-attic, which I talk about as the inspiration for this shop in my previous post. (sadly, the Pterodactyl gallery is not part of my actual home... yet! more on that in a moment.)

I know you are busy with candy and last-minute costume details today, so just a quick post to shine some jack-o-lantern light on what tricks and treats I'd like to offer you in this blog! Confession: giving anything a name or title has always been painful for me, so I reserve the right to change these category names if anyone wiser has better ideas (hint hint . . . )

Favorite Vintage Finds: Expedition notes, new info I can dig up, and lots of documentary photos of absolute favorite and unique treasures from my archives. And new finds as well that will be part of Curio Collections! Like these boxes of slides from a barely post-war European & African adventure in the 1940s:

Inspirational Expeditions: In which I take you along to wondrous places like the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers (the source of many of my Botanicals photographs) and the lovely and mysterious Columbarium.

Top Five Books: In which I mine my library to curate top-five lists in natural, spooky, and gorgeously artsy categories, full of recommendations that I think you will love.

Living Shadowbox: In which I share collections of images & trivia from the most artfully designed moving pictures out there. I can't help but take screen captures when I watch gorgeous shows and films – or look them up when I come home from the cinema!

Wouldn't Be Here Without You: In which I introduce you to artists from the past who deserve to be much more than footnotes in your art history textbooks. As my tastes are a bit off-the-beaten-path, so are my influences!

Fangirl: Artist Spotlight: In which I shower love on contemporary artists whose works makes me swoon — and I hope will inspire and amaze you as well.

Time Machine: In which I take you back in time with me and give you a virtual tour of my favorite places on Earth, like the Natural History Museum Vienna — if the 'cabinet' in Curiosity Cabinet means 'room,' then, collectively, this jewel box is the world's most extensive and beautiful:

Supplies and Mercantiles: In which I connect you to other sources of vintage, oddities, natural wonders, and special items to explore.

Everything Else: Where this post will go! Shop notices, sale announcements, questions I might have for you, and everything else that doesn't fit into the above categories, of course.

I sincerely hope you find value in this ongoing catalog of art, nature, vintage, history, places, people . . . I have lots of posts planned and I'm excited to share with you.

More than anything though, I'd be MOST excited if you have recommendations for me and anyone else reading — comments are more than welcome. If I end up writing a post after traveling down a rabbit hole you pointed me towards, I will give you a special code for two free prints of your choice from the shop as thanks!

For new weekly blog posts about all things botanical, anatomical, bookish and vintage, please SUBSCRIBE (click me) to the Collected Works Curios blog! :)

NEXT UP: I haven't decided :) I have two posts written; a Top Five Books and an Inspirational Expedition — which would you like to see first?

Thanks for reading! Hope to see you again soon.

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