In this miniature wunderkammer: natural snake vertebrae (baby Nagini!), beach glass collected on the Half Moon Bay coast (Slytherin jewels... Great Lake, Scotland), natural pyrite, and shark tooth (aka Basilisk tooth!), and a hand-carved wooden skull bead. A one-of-a-kind traveling curio cabinet commissioned as a gift. Curated, designed, and hand-assembled with care and attention to detail. 


Real vintage metal pocket watch body in silver with clear front and train engraving on the reverse. Cameo-sized print of my original Heraldic Beast (SKULL 14) photograph on archival paper, sealed to resist scratching. Single chain of two types of complimentary links; 'Death Eater' mask and coiled snake charms along the links. 


Pendant is 1.75" in diameter, 2.5" tall. Necklace chains are 20" long. Alligator clasp.


I love doing custom work! It started with "Our friend likes Harry Potter..." and we were off! Please send me a note on the Contact page if you would like to ask about a custom piece on a theme for yourself! 

CUSTOM: Pocket Watch Curio Necklace – Inspired by Slythehrin

  • This piece and its parts are solid, but common sense handling should be applied. Please note: while the body is closed securely, it is not waterproof. 


San Francisco, California

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